JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.6. Changes since last version:
New   ID3 tag editor: Support for pictures in PNG format. Pictures added by iTunes will now show correctly.
Fix   MP3 file list: Fixed the access violation error that occurred on some systems when an MP3 file was selected.
Fix   ID3 tag editor: A "Floating point divide by zero" error message could some times show if you selected an MP3 file with a picture attached, when running the program for the first time after it had been installed.
Fix   About box: The copyright year dissappeared after the About box had been opened a second time.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.5. Changes since last version:
New   Convert tool: freedb to ID3 tag has been renamed to Convert tool: CD Database to ID3 tag.
New   Donate: Added a Donate option to the main menu. If you like, you can now make a donation online using Paypal or a credit card.
Fix   Convert tool: CD Database to ID3 tag lets you download ID3 tag information from allmusic.com. freedb.org got new owners who have made the web search on their home page unusable, a feature which JJ MP3 Renamer relied on. Thank you. Hopefully they will get it back and working some day...
Fix   Convert tool: CD Database to ID3 tag now remembers window size and appearance.
Fix   Convert tool: CD Database to ID3 tag did in some cases show an incorrect track length.
Fix   Browse for folder dialogs: No longer starts in root, instead the previous directory is used.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.4. Changes since last version:
Fix   Windows Explorer context menu: If a user without administrator rights ran the program a 'Failed to create key .mp3' error occured at startup.
Fix   Convert tool: freedb to ID3 tag - the window name was changed to some debug-text when dragging and dropping within the file list.
Fix   Installer: If a user with limited rights (such as a Guest user) ran the installation program JJ MP3 Renamer would not be installed correctly (Windows NT/2k/XP). Administrator rights are now required to start installing/uninstalling.
Fix   Installer: Now installs in the start menu of all users instead of just current user.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.3. Changes since last version:
New   Windows Explorer context menu: You can now 'Add to JJ MP3 Renamer' when right-clicking directories and MP3 files in Windows Explorer.
Fix   Help file: Could not be used, the program pointed to a wrong path (double backslashes).
Fix   Convert tool: freedb to ID3 tag - drag and drop within the file list did not work correctly.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.2. Changes since last version:
New   Main window: Can now be set to stay on top of other windows.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 tag synchronizer - empty V2 fields were never copied when copying from V2 to V1.
Fix   Convert tool: freedb to ID3 tag - if there were found less matching tracks than files, then the files without a match were tagged anyway.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.1. Changes since last version:
Fix   Convert tool: freedb to ID3 tag no longer saves debug-text files in the JJ MP3 Renamer directory.
Fix   Main window: The shadow behind the 'ID3 editor'-text has returned! (wooo!)
Fix   Options window: The pages 'Advanced' and 'Internet' has now switched places.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.2.0. Changes since last version:
New   Convert tool: freedb to ID3 tag lets you download ID3 tag information from the freedb CD database.
Fix   ID3 tag editor: Writing something in the "Orig. artist" field did not make the Write button clickable.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.1.4. Changes since last version:
New   ID3 tag editor: In ID3 tag v2 a new button next to the 'total tracks'-field sets the number equal to the number of files selected in the MP3 list.
New   Installer: Now using NSIS to create the installation program. This has shrunk the installer file size from 1.3 MB to only 0.7 MB!
Fix   ID3 tag editor: In ID3 tag v2 the track-fields will not be overwritten when not intended (e.g. it is now possible to write the 'total tracks'-field to MP3's without the 'track number'-field gets erased).
Fix   Convert tool: Filename to ID3 Tag no longer overwrites 'total tracks'-field.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 tag Synchronizer no longer overwrites 'total tracks'-field.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 tag to filename can now correctly try to get field from tag v2 if tag v1 does not exist.
Fix   ID3 tag editor: 'Date'-field in ID3 tag v2 - the months September and October were in wrong order.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.1.3. Changes since last version:
New   Convert tools: Trim & Case + Replace Words: You can now use these tools to directly modify the file name.
Fix   Convert tool: Trim & Case: Now removing of leading and trailing spaces at the same time works.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 tag synchronizer: Copying from v1 to v2 no longer removes the whole ID3 tag v2 before overwriting the fields if "Don't overwrite existing fields" is unchecked.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.1.2. Changes since last version:
New   ID3 tag fields: 'Conductor', 'Original album', and 'Original lyricist' fields are now also supported. Some of the ID3 tag editor's pages have been re-arranged.
New   ID3 tag lyrics: Can now handle multiple lyrics fields contained in an MP3, and you can now select a language for each lyrics. This makes Windows Media Player 9 able to read the lyrics.
Fix   Open/save playlist: Now correctly read and writes the entries relative to the folder where the playlist is saved.
Fix   Convert tool: Tag to File Name: Removed the option of overwriting existing files. If you unintentionally miss-placed a checkmark here, your MP3 files could get deleted.
Fix   Convert tool: Trim & Case sometimes changed the ID3 tag v2 field Genre although not told to do so.
Fix   Convert tool: File Name to Tag no longer overwrites the Total Tracks tag field when reading a track number from file name.
Fix   MP3 file info: Would sometimes show VBR files as being CBR resulting in wrong information on the file list's status bar.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.1.1. Changes since last version:
New   ID3 tag editor: You can use Page Up/Down to go to the next or previous MP3 file (like in version 2.x of the program).
Fix   Select button: Removed some debug-test-code and now it works again.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.1.0. Changes since last version:
New   ID3v2 editing: Updated to the latest version of ID3Lib.dll (version 3.8.3) which gives:
New   _All_ ID3v2 tags created by Winamp are now readable.
New   ID3v2 tags: Multi-line text fields can now optionally be saved with CL (to follow ID3 tag v2 standard) instead of CL+CR (Windows).
New   About box: Added link to ID3Lib license text file.
Fix   The beginning of MP3's are not altered in any cases where the ID3v2 tag is created or grows in size.
Fix   ID3 tagging: MP3's were truncated by 128 bytes at the end when adding ID3 tag v2 to a file with no ID3 tag v1
Fix   Command Line Arguments: Error when called with any arguments.
Fix   Temp dir: Windows default temp dir is now used for temporary files when possible.
Fix   ID3v2 genres: Genre 'Trash Metal' corrected to 'Thrash Metal'.
Fix   Uninstaller: Will now only delete temp files that were created by JJ MP3 Renamer.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 to filename can now output files where the only difference from the original file name is upper- and lowercase names. Stupid Windows.
Fix   Main window size: Fixed problem where people could not see the right and bottom sides of the window.
Fix   MP3 Player: Now possible to enter a file path including arguments.
JJ MP3 Renamer Changes since last version:
New   ID3 tag editor + convert tools: A better image-combobox is now used for selecting the different pages.
Fix   ID3 tag editor: MP3's with a ID3 tag v2 genre-ID outside the genre list made an "Access Violation".
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.0.1. Changes since last version:
New   Convert tool: Tag to File Name now accepts the same tag field more once in the output file name.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.0.0. Changes since last version:
New   Help menu: Added "Feedback/Support Mail" + "Visit Home Page" menu items.
Fix   Removed the shareware nag screen and all other shareware-related stuff. Freeware all the way! (Real.com really sucks).
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.0c2. Changes since last version:
New   ID3 tag indicator fields: Clicking a field will show the corresponding tag page.
New   Select files with tag: Added 'Show with tag V1 or V2' and 'Show without tag V1 or V2'.
Fix   MP3 list status field: Wasn't updated when multiple files were selected.
Fix   Save playlist: Asked for filename even if the playlist already had a filename.
Fix   New playlist: Did not clear the mp3 list. It didn't start a new list neither.
Fix   Convert tool: Name to Tag always added an ID3 tag v1 to the file no matter what. Did not work with input formats like "*Title.mp3". Is not case-sensitive anymore.
Fix   MP3 List: File sizes >99999 KB was not shown correctly.
Fix   ID3 tag v2: Could not read lyrics longer than 1023 characters. Limit is now 8192.
Fix   Select files with ID3 tag version X: Is now much faster.
Fix   MP3 List: Shift+Delete files from list made an access violation.
Fix   Convert tool: Tag to Name created directories in the output file name, if there were backslashes in the ID3 tag text. Output filename: Text before an empty ID3 tag field did not appear.
Fix   ID3 tag v2: Files with the RX or CR flag set made the 'Write ID3 tag?' dialog pop up upon de-select even if the tag had not been modified.
JJ MP3 Renamer 3.0c1. Changes since last version:
New   The program is now called 'JJ MP3 Renamer' to separate it from other similar programs.
New   Config window: Option to fade windows or not.
Fix   MP3 file icons: The correct icon is now always retrieved.
Fix   Process window: Fixed window sizing problem when using non-standard 'appearance' schemes in Windows.
Fix   Process window: No more colored text in the log list. It didn't worked anyway.
Fix   Adding files: When cancelling removal of read-only attribute, the file list wasn't EndUpdated, resulting in a locked blank list.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 tag to filename made empty filenames if the required fields wasn't in the ID3 tag.
MP3 Renamer 3.0b4. Changes since last version:
  I lost every change since 3.0b3 since my hard drive crashed.
MP3 Renamer 3.0b3. Changes since last version:
New   The 32x32 pixels program icon is now in a new style.
Fix   Nag screen: Didn't show up when the date formatting in Windows was changed.
Fix   Convert tool: Name to Tag hung when the text separating two fields couldn't be found in a filename.
Fix   Convert tool: ID3 tag to filename couldn't create directories (some old code screwed it up).
Fix   On first run: No more 'I/O error #103' for people who have installed Windows in another folder than c:\windows.
Fix   Nag screen: The program wouldn't start when less than 7 days were left, registered or not.
MP3 Renamer 3.0b2patch. Changes since last version:
New   Main window: The Tag and Convert Tool navigation dropdown-lists are now constructed with the Delphi picture-lists.
Fix   Welcome screen: Tutorial button pointed to Tutorials Overview instead of Quick-start Tutorial.
Fix   New playlist: When asked to create a new list, pressing Cancel was ignored.
Fix   Convert tool: Name to Tag is now working again!
Fix   Help file: Updated the screenshot for the Name to Tag convert tool.
MP3 Renamer 3.0b2. Changes since last version:
New   Help file.
New   Main window: The caption bar's colors are now dependant of what color scheme is used in Windows.
New   Main, Options, and About windows now fades in (Windows 2000/XP only).
Fix   Fixed window sizing problem when using non-standard 'appearance' schemes in Windows.
Fix   Minidisc tool: Removed the option to include all files even if they were not selected. Was unnecesary.
Fix   Encoded by: The corresponding checkbox had a wrong hint.
MP3 Renamer 3.0b1. Changes since last version:
New   Welcome window: Shows new logo. The looks of the window is modified a little.
New   Save playlist: Remembers the last save-directory.
New   Processing files window: The elapsed time can now be seen in the log.
New   Main window: The hints for the ID3 tag checkboxes are now consistent with the corresponding tag fields. The tabulator-order for the ID3 fields is now in order.
New   Add picture to tag: Remembers the last open-directory.
New   ID3 tag to filename: There will be added zeroes in front of track number if needed.
New   MPEG header: The function is now a _lot_ faster for files with a large ID3 tag v2. The search will now begin after the bytes used by the ID3 tag v2.
New   MP3 List: Extended the Select function. Now possible to select files with ID3 tag v1, ID3 tag v2 or both.
New   Convert tools: Now with icons.
New   Filename to ID3 tag: Now the input format works the same way as the 'Tag to filename' tool.
Fix   Processing files window: Cancel button didn't work (whoops).
Fix   Memory check was removed from the program (turned out to be unnecesary). It caused trouble with Windows XP/2000. Thanks Sjon!
Fix   Tag sync. tool: When copying from ID3 tag V2 to V1, the track number was not copied.
Fix   ID3 tag page: Now it won't switch to v1 page if the MP3 doesn't contain an ID3 tag v2 and have an ID3 tag v1 only (- and vice versa). Was annoying when browsing through the MP3 list.
MP3 Renamer 3.0a4. Changes since last version:
New   Playlist import/export.
New   Main window layout (position, height etc.) is loaded and saved automatically.
New   Main window is now resizable (weee!) and supports the use of 'large fonts' in Windows.
New   MPEG header: Support for files with variable bitrate (VBR).
New   Where it is appropiate, dialogs now have a '[x] Never ask me this again' checkbox.
New   Config window: New page with settings for the above.
New   Config window: Cleaned the interface and made all configuration options to actually work.
New   Write ID3 tag v2: Padding, compression and unsynchronization is now optional - see above.
New   Remove tag: New dialog - Remove either tag v1 or tag v2 or both.
New   Replace tag text tool: Optional case-sensitivity.
New   Tag to filename tool: Separators in filename will not stand alone in the output filename if there isn't any text around them.
Fix   MPEG header: Didn't read the header properly.
Fix   Remove tag: Didn't update the main window properly.
Fix   Filename to tag tool: Cleared 'total number tracks' when setting the track number.
Fix   Replace tag text tool: Froze if the text to find was a part of the text to replace with.
MP3 Renamer 3.0a1. Changes since last version:
New   The Log file does not exist any more. Instead the file operations can be viewed by click 'Details' in the 'Processing files' window.
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