JJ MP3 Renamer is a full-featured ID3 tagger/file renamer/playlist generator/you name it. 

With the powerful convert tools you can perform operations that are tideous to do by hand, just with a single click. It makes it a lot easier to give the MP3's correct names and a correct content of their ID3 tags.

If you have never tried the program before, there are tutorials that will quickly get you started. Also features a comprehensive help file covering every part of the program.

JJ MP3 Renamer is freeware - free to use, free to spread. You can download it here.
Works with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP


Below are some screenshots of some of JJ MP3 Renamer's different parts. Click a picture to view it in full size.

Main window

Advanced ID3 tag v2 options

Full ID3 tag v2 support

.Lots of convert tools
Please note: The screenshots are only in 16 colors and therefore do not owe full respect to the real application. The screenshots were taken under Windows 2000.
All these features make JJ MP3 Renamer a must-have tool when
mass-editing MP3 files and ID3 tags:
  • Automatic modify tons of MP3 files in one click.
  • Full ID3 tag v1.0/1.1/2.x support.
  • Full support for m3u and pls MP3 playlist formats.
  • Possible to work with ID3 tag v1/ID3 tag v2 separately (or combined) in every aspect of the program.
  • Choose exactly what ID3 fields to write to the MP3 files.
  • Convert tool: File name to ID3 tag reads the file name and uses it as ID3 tag.
  • Convert tool: ID3 tag to file name uses the ID3 tag to rename the file name.
  • Convert tool: CD database to ID3 tag lets you download ID3 tag
    information from the Allmusic.com CD database.
  • Convert tool: Copy ID3 tag v1 to ID3 tag v2 copies fields from ID3 tag v1 to v2 and vice versa.
  • Convert tools for adjusting the case of the ID3 tag text, cleaning out multiple letters (such as multiple spaces between words) and for replacing words or letters with userdefined text.
  • Convert tool: Make playlist for Minidisc transfer makes it easy to copy MP3 files from the computer to your minidisc recorder.
You can download JJ MP3 Renamer on the download page.
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